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February 9, 2008

Dancing the Night Away

Sandra and I had our friend Kyle and Chelsea over last night for dinner. It was a really good time to hang out with them because Kyle and I haven't hung out in a number of years like that and to be honest, I'd never met Chelsea until last night. Anyway, it was a really good time. It was totally fun to hang with him again and she seems really nice. I learned some pretty basic lessons about God being in control of life through our time together though.
What does this have to do with dancing you might ask? Well no night of hanging out can be complete without finding a way to make fun of each other so we busted out the xbox and hooked up the dance pad. I can't begin to tell you how funny it is to watch people play that game. I'm sure I look just as stupid jumping around like that but hey. The dance pad teaches important life lessons though about God being in control. If you are focusing solely on the person who is jumping around in various patterns looking like their doing some sort of Lord of the Dance thing, everything seems really out of control and looks funny at times. All the while, the television is like God in the background who is actually directing their movements. Sure we can choose to do what we want and screw things up a lot and don't have to follow along, but when it all finally works together like it should and we are following God's direction, it is an amazing thing to see. I'm sure some people might read this and it sounds like a stretch, but it isn't. Let God direct the moves and you could be like this kid!


shellycoulter said...

hehehe! I would have never thought of this...and how could you ever question your call to be a youth pastor? Finding God in DDR!!! : )