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February 28, 2008

Why I just don't understand liberals

    By no means should anyone ever consider this to be a political blog or think that I really have a stinking clue as to what I am talking about in the area of politics.  If you want to know actual information, please refer to the link on my site to The Welcome Matt.  I am a simple minded cynical youth pastor.  To paraphrase my favorite podcast, "this message is not for the faint of heart or the mentally weak.  Since that describes most of humanity, you should probably stop reading now."
   OK, so anyone still actually reading out there?  If so, please help me to understand the mindset of liberals.  I keep hearing all these people supporting Obama and the guy actually creeps me out.  I can't help but laugh when you try to discuss who he is or what he stands for because all I ever keep hearing is that he is for change and that he speaks really well.  Who cares!!  Hitler was also for change and he was an incredible speaker.  It doesn't mean that he should have been chosen as the leader of the free world. 

   Forget Obama, it isn't really important which liberal democrat we are talking about in regards to my confusion.  They are all the same.  Let's make a really huge government that can do all the thinking for the people who are too simple to actually think for themselves.  At least that is what it feels like.  We're going to fix education, we're going to end the losing war, we're going to provide national healthcare.  Hooray for the government.  Elect us and we are going to make everything better.  Who are we kidding?  Here's the first, and possibly the only, question that everyone thinking of voting for someone who claims all this junk needs to ask...What has the government been given control of that they have gotten right?  How are we going to actually sit there and tell the government that we trust them with our health when they mess up pretty much everything else they've ever tried to do?  If you ask me (remember you are getting what you paid for) let's shrink the giant bloated government, give the states back the rights that were supposed to be theirs to begin with, and learn to take care of each other.  Man, do I sound like a hippy right now?


Matt C said...

One of my favorite ironies is the same people who say the federal government mismanaged the war in Iraq and Katrina cleanup and everything else under the sun think that the government will magically be able to successfully manage the health care of over 300 million Americans.