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March 19, 2008

Interesting Bumper Sticker

    I really love to read bumper stickers.  There are so many options and they always bring out so many emotions or thoughts - whichever you'd prefer.  Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I think and other times I just get ticked off.  Yesterday I saw one that I really liked.  Depending on your perspective, it can be taken a number of different ways.  Here's what it said and how I took it...Don't believe everything you think.

   It's really pretty interesting because my thoughts turn to God.  To someone who doesn't believe in God, it could be an argument that we should not follow empty religions that lead nowhere.  For me, I took it as the opposite.  I read in an article once that kids in college in the US were surveyed and were very superficial.  The guy said, "We need to stop telling students they are special and having them repeat it back to us."  People need to realize they don't have all the answers and maybe there's something out there that could actually help.  Who knows.  Either way, we need to stop and think sometimes.  Especially before we speak...or maybe even blog.


Matt C said...

I love that bumper sticker, too, bro -- because it reminds me that there used to be so many things I thought in the past that I look back and see weren't necessarily true but were part of the process of me growing and maturing.

What do I think now that in 5 years I'll look back on and smile in amazement?