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April 28, 2008

Republican Control of the Democratic Primaries

I was listening to NPR this afternoon on my way home from work, and they were talking about the Democratic Party Primaries. I find it very interesting all the the time and effort that has gone into this race. Maybe they could just have campaign groups put totally boring ads out that say that candidate so-and-so decided to not put out expensive ads and fly all over the country because they need to save the money to pay for the completely unrealistic national healthcare for them.

I digress - the point is that the Indiana primary is coming up and they talked about how much control the people really had. I keep hearing that if it is a race between McCain and Obama that hands down Obama can't lose! I don't know about a lot of other states, but here in Wyoming, you can show up on the day of the vote, show them your photo ID, register, then vote. Then the idea came to me...what's to stop me from going to the polls and registering as a Democrat, and then voting to help Clinton win the nomination because McCain would have a better chance of winning against her? I figure if it was that easy in all states there would be some sort of grassroots campaign to "steal the vote." I don't advocate this by any means but in a country where people are always trying to have the power and control, it really surprises me that it hasn't happened already. I'm not huge in politics or anything and maybe there are measure to help prevent this kind of thing already but hey, this is my blog and I can't post whatever I want. Peace.

I'm struggling with whether or not to write in for Peter Blomberg or Jack Bauer - both would make excellent Presidents. Maybe they can serve as vice for each other if one of them wins!