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June 6, 2008

The Cost of Living

This is going to have a little randomness to it, but it's my blog. Read something else if you want. I don't know why it is that I read bumper stickers so often. Probably because I think they are funny and every now and then you read one that really makes you think or at the very least - laugh out loud. One I saw the other day said, "Despite the cost of living, it's still popular." It made me laugh a lot and probably shouldn't have. There's a little part of me that thinks of the true cost of living because my life needs to be sold out to Christ. I'm not very good at living that way though and people probably don't really see Jesus in me when they spend time with me. I want that to change though.
Tonight I did a Bible study with my wife. It was totally awesome to just spend some time in the word with her (just the two of us.) We both get in on our own sometimes but it rarely happens when we are together. I hope that is something we can keep up. We view things in scripture so differently.
Had an incredible time with my daughter the other night. She loves to laugh and play and loves even more to dance around and dress up. The kid literally will change outfits five times a day just because she thinks some skirt is pretty or something. At bedtime, she was telling me how much she loved me and the things she likes about me. Then when Sandra went to tell her goodnight and kiss her, Emerson told her that she'd, "love her tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow." I don't know how much she gets about what she is really saying but how awesome is it to see a three year old trying to express her love like that? Definitely worth the cost of living, and worth dying for.
I've not blogged on it, but I am going to be moving away from Laramie. We feel that we need to head back to Cheyenne to help out a bit with my grandma and also to give our kids a better chance to know their great grandparents and grandparents a bit more. The whole job search thing is totally sucky! Supposedly you will only get roughly one offer for every ten applications you put out there. So far, I'm striking out but 80% of the jobs I've gone for haven't closed yet. I need to work harder on finding someone to help with the youth stuff.
The first students ever have officially graduated out of my youth group. It is a crazy thing to think that there are kids that I've been playing a mentoring role with for six years. Especially after reading some of the junk I've posted in this blog over the past few months. I'm not a wealthy man so I bought the guys who graduated a dinner at Fat Burrito and we had a cake to celebrate.
I'm so sick and tired of hearing about the war and how democrats are against it. Did they not have the same evidence back then that they do now. They've had to have known it was a "bad war" or whatever from the beginning. Stop whining about it now. They've also had the power to be able to get us out of it...if that is what they really wanted. It is so much easier to get elected on the idea of something rather than the implementation.
People should not criticize the seventh Harry Potter book. I finished it up again by listening to the audio book at work this week. It is seriously good stuff and I caught a lot this time around. Really cleared up some of what I thought were holes or inconsistencies in the plotline.
I love my wife and kids more than anything! Sometimes I think I want a third child but I'm so scared of the idea. I don't even have a career and I'm 28. What a loser. Goodnight!