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July 8, 2008

Time Leads to Doubt

Several months ago, my wife and I felt fairly certain we were supposed to move to Cheyenne. Both of us have family that isn't doing too well medically, and we also desire for our kids to know family more than they do. I grew up with my grandma actually living with us, and Sandra was always getting together with her family. Basically a lot of reasons we should go. It seems that the longer it takes to find a decent job, the more doubts we have over the calling. If God really wanted it to happen, wouldn't it simply happen immediately?

This past Sunday, our church just wrapped up two and a half years of going through the book of Genesis. Spending all that time in the first book of the Bible shows me over and over that these things will all come to pass. It just doesn't always tend to go in the time or direction I want it to. I feel something like Abraham in Genesis 17 when God tells him that Sarah will bear him a son and he laughs because he is old. So many times, you know God told you something and what it supposed to happen, but vision leaks. Over time, the vision is no longer fresh and new and you begin to question whether or not it will really be accomplished. Yesterday, God gave me peace that if and when the time is right to leave Laramie for Cheyenne, everything will work out. I don't have to be stressed out and worry about what job I will get, because it happens in His timing. Every single time I am reminded of this, it feels so juvenile. It's something I have heard before and a lesson that I have to learn quite often. I'm pretty much the poster boy for the whole idea of being a doubting Thomas. Good thing God is faithful and full of grace.


shellycoulter said...

you need to blog some more for all your crazed fans out there that don't know about all the excitement in your life!