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September 20, 2008

Life Without Mommy

Sandra left yesterday. It's not really as bad as it sounds though...she only went to Denver for the Women of Faith conference. I'm so excited that she got to go down there, and hopefully it will fill her soul and provide a much needed break from household duties. Seriously though, how am I supposed to handle the kids by myself? Mommy is the one who takes care of everything! If Daddy can't figure something out, mommy is always ready and willing to fill in and give the kids the answers they always wanted and provide everything they could ever possibly need.

So far, it has been incredible. No offense against mommy, but it is so much more fun when she's not around. (We still want you back! Please don't stay gone, please, please!!) But the kids actually like to snuggle with me when she's not here and they play with me and tell me stories. Sure I've not been at home for extended periods of time and honestly feel the need to rip out my hair when they won't calm down and stop fighting. Then come the moments like bedtime last night when I was laying on the floor and both of them were jumping on me and wrestling me while we laughed uncontrollably. Braeden did the same thing today at lunch, just having a good time!

Of course, there is no up without a down. For me, this means my son woke up at 5. When I walk into his room to investigate why he is calling out, he looks up and sees me and yells, "NO! Want mommy!" I managed to calm him down for all of 20 minutes and he was finally out of bed by like 5:45 and went running to look for her since obviously I was mistaken that she wasn't here. He's such a cute little guy though. We have our ups and downs, but I'd never trade them for anything. I just wish Sandra would get a job and let me be at home with them for at least one year. That would be the life!