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October 13, 2008

Spread the Wealth

I love this new clip that's floating around the political news where Barack Obama is talking to a plumber about why he's going to tax him more. You can watch it before I share my thoughts:

The thing that gets me is that this is being passed off as the "responsible" thing to do and that it's "patriotic." Maybe I'm missing something but this sounds like a textbook example of socialism. Let's tax the rich and give to the poor because it's the right thing to do. Maybe Obama should run to become the leader of some lovely socialist nation where they all agree that we need to be equal even at the expense of personal gain or freedom. This is a capitalist nation and I don't think people who are able to succeed are responsible for helping me succeed by giving me their money. This is also the same type of problem I have with the tax plan that Obama is proposing.

Here's the simple deal. Yes, Obama is going to lower taxes. The problem is that he'll do so after the tax cuts in place now by Bush go UP! The tax cuts in place now benefit everyone regardless of income, which seems fair to me...but everyone's taxes are going to go up before Obama brings them down. Doesn't make sense to me, because it looks like we are trying to make progress by taking steps backwards. Also, his tax plan is designed so that people who have no tax liability whatsoever will still get a tax credit. This again seems like a socialist model.

It seems such a far cry of what the founding fathers intended. What I know of them was the idea that you have the freedom to work hard and make your life better. Now our country is making this shift that says that if you work hard and make your life better, it's now up to you to foot the bill to make the lives of people around you better and you're going to accomplish this by giving up your money! It just doesn't make sense to me. With the economy in its current state I don't see how raising taxes on the people who have a little bit of money and increasing spending at an enourmous rate will make things better. I truly believe Obama is probably going to become president and if he does, we'll things hit a brick wall within four years. Just my thoughts.