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November 3, 2008

Election Closure

   I'm convinced at this point in the presidential race that politics does nothing to bring out the best in us.  I've seen so many news shows playing up things that shouldn't make any difference.  I've also seen news organizations talk about being impartial providers of information but focus completely on Obama.  I don't personally care that much for either of the candidates.  In the end, I feel that raising taxes on the rich is going to snap this country into a depression faster than you can say, "In Obama we trust." 

   Don't get me wrong.  I am one of those poor people who would stand to benefit from taxing the rich to give to the poor, but I am completely against it.  This whole notion that people are "selfish" for not wanting to follow the socialist examples of EU countries is preposterous.  I especially love the part about sharing our toys as kids.  The thing is when I was a kid, I handed a toy over for a few minutes and got it back.  Is Obama going to take money from the rich people and then give it back when he's done? Of course not! He is going to pass it around to people who haven't earned it.  Not that the current policy is that far from socialistic...the problem for me still comes to basic economics.  

   I watch news shows going on about how all these companies are laying people off.  Their sales and figures aren't hitting where they should so they are going to fire people to save money.  Now we have someone who is almost certainly going to become president saying, "Let's take more!" It isn't that difficult to understand.  Anyway, just wanted to share an interesting blog from a longtime Democrat and speechwriter.  She's written speeches for Obama, Hillary, Edwards, get the idea.  She's not just some pawn trying to provide last minute sound bites.  She is officially endorsing McCain now and I find her thoughts very interesting. There are things we are going to like and things we aren't.  Things constantly change.

   There's been so much bitterness and anger throughout this whole process.  I don't hide the fact that I'm pretty conservative and hold on to traditional values but I have come to terms with a lot of things tonight.  I will go tomorrow and cast my vote.  No, it won't be a major deciding factor in who wins, but it is my right and privilege to participate in elections here.  After tomorrow, someone is going to be in line to take over the presidency in two months.  Regardless of who that person is, I am not going to be hateful and bitter for the next four years.  I've seen and heard so much disdain from Democrats over Bush as president, and I don't want to be like that.  My advice to others is that regardless of who you want to win, support the person who DOES win.  There's been enough division in this country and we need to support our leaders, even if we don't always agree with them.  



Matt Coulter said...

This was a great blog, bro. One of your best.

Whitney said...

I agree that we should definitely get behind our leaders and show support. However, what does it mean to 'show support' to a leader in a situation that might be diabolically opposed (pardon the pun) to the tenets of Scripture? For example, if Obama wins and partial birth abortion is allowed back into our system, how does a Christ follower show support in that situation?

Jon Kelly said...

I think you support them by helping voice concerns and opinions but not by being ridiculous like many have been these past eight years. I'm so tired of things like, "I didn't vote for so-and-so." The fact is that even if this person supports those things, scripture says all leaders are in place under God's authority.