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November 4, 2008


   I got up and made my way to the local elementary school to cast my vote.  It was a quick and painless process and for anyone out there who is still debating whether or not they should vote, I'd urge you to head to the polls! Maybe one vote won't make all the difference but that doesn't make it any less important.  Many people have fought and struggled in tremendous ways to ensure we have the right to go out and cast our ballot, and it is a disservice as an American to not take advantage of that right. I recently got to see a  Counting Crows concert and Adam Duritz was talking between bands about going out and voting. He reminded us of people's sacrifice and that it wasn't very long ago that large segments of our population weren't even allowed to vote.  He concluded that he didn't give a flying **** who we voted for - just get out and do it.  While I'm not so choice in my language, the idea is spot on!  Get out there!