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December 28, 2008

Death to a 4 Year Old

   My daughter doesn't completely understand the concept of death, but realizes that people and things die.  It's been several months now - at least long enough for it to be warm and go to the park - but when we got out of the van, there was a squirrel on the ground that had been hit by a car.  I won't go into details of what it looked like, but you'll understand by the the end of the story.  When she saw it, she commented about how it was sleeping.  Obviously we weren't ready to explain what death was all about because she was only three at the time.  It was OK for her to think that it was simply sleeping.
   Over Christmas visiting my family and Sandra's, I overheard Emerson talking to Braeden about going into the street by himself.  She told him, "You can't just run into the street without mom and dad cause it's not safe.  If you do, you might get hit by a car and fall asleep.  Cause remember I saw a squirrel?  Then there will be little ladybugs all over you."  I think you get the picture.