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December 29, 2008

The End of Year Pledge Drive

   I love listening to Air1 on the radio.  It is a pretty good station if you like Christian music, but they are kind of a "Top 40" station so you'll hear the popular songs far more often than is necessary.  Since Christian radio is listener supported, I've grown accustomed to the various pledge drives they run, in order to fully finance their stations.  There's the Spring Pledge Drive, the Fall Pledge Drive, the Fill-in-the-Gap Pledge Drive, the End-of-Year Pledge Drive, the Second Tuesday Pledge Drive...well, you get the idea.  It's ok that they need money and I love hearing commercial free music filled with commercials for various Christian organizations.  

   What I don't understand is how God moves people to donate.  Right now, they are looking for 1,960 more $100 one-time donations  Of course, maybe God is moving you to donate $100, or $500 or maybe even $5,000...feel free to call in and pledge whatever God is prodding you to donate.  Every time they do the drives though, I often wonder why God only stirs people to $500 or $5,000.  Why doesn't He ever stir you to give one-time gifts of $10?  If there are that many people listening, I think it might be easier to get 19,000 of them to give $10 as it is to get 1,900 to give $100.  Don't get me wrong, I love Air1 and think everyone should listen and support them.  I was just curious.  Please click HERE to make a donation.