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December 3, 2008

Our First Christmas in the New Home

  My wife is absolutely in love with the whole idea of Christmas.  Really, we both love to share the Bible stories with our children about Jesus birth and we also love all the other stuff that comes along the story...Christmas music, Christmas trees, lights on the houses, cute little snowmen all over the place.  Of course we were very excited to set up the tree in our new home.  This will be the first Christmas where I think both our kids actually get the "idea" of the holiday and can really have fun with it.  

   A few weeks ago, I decided to get on the roof and put lights on our house (no I didn't care it wasn't even Thanksgiving yet).  I'd be travelling for a couple of weeks in a row and knew it was the last time to get it done.  We opted to get those LED lights because even though we had to dip into Braeden's college fund to buy them, we knew it would save us money in electricity in the coming years.  They look so nice, and as of this week, we are one of three houses on our street with lights.  Yeah us! Anyway, we were ready to put up our tree once we got back from visiting Great Grandpa Gorman.  We started unloading the boxes and were trying to decide if we wanted the new LED lights on the tree inside or not.  Since it would mean dipping into Emerson's college fund, we were going to reuse the old lights until they had to be replaced, at which point we'd get the "fancy" ones.

   Wouldn't you know it, they didn't work and off to Walmart I went.  Armed with three brand new strands of white LED lights, I got to work on the tree. The kids helped put all the ornaments on and we were good to go.  Emerson was so excited as she yelled for us to turn all the lights out and close the curtains so we could see the lights sparkle.  Then with lights off, we looked at the tree and Sandra and I knew it instantly.  Those lights really sucked!  They were slightly bluish in tint and it seemed like twinkling little rays of fluorescent office lighting radiating from our tree.  It took all of ten seconds to know they had to go.  So off the ornaments came and another quick trip to Walmart ensued where we would purchase good old fashioned white lights.  They should have been color but that's an entirely different discussion.  Here's a few pictures of the finished, then refinished product.  Merry Christmas!!!

My wife's cute little snowman display.
What God Wants for Christmas - the kids love it!

The tree - round 2. 


Anne said...

Your tree is really pretty....great job!