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December 14, 2008

Preparing for Surgery

   There are just over 12 hours until the doctors begin my surgery.  Dr. Jenkins from Gem City is going to preform the surgery at Ivinson Hospital here in Laramie.  They are going to put me under, remove part of my spine and then shave the herniated disk located at the L5S1.  The official terms are a laminectomy and a discetomy.  

   I think tonight it finally hit me how serious all this really is because of Emerson.  We've talked about it with her a bit already, but while I was putting her to bed, I told her that I was going to the hospital tomorrow and would be there for one sleep.  She said just one and then I'd be home again and she'd help take care of me.  She was telling me how much she loved me and that maybe mommy could put her on my knee when I get back.  It really brought to light how great my family is and how much I love her.  I couldn't stop crying because she is so sweet.  God has truly blessed my little girl with such tenderness and I make sure to pray all the time that God protects that in her.  

   I'm supposed to be at the hospital at 7:15 and Sandra is going to be coming with me.  I made sure last week to get the grabber/reacher and elevated toilet seat and I've read through my directions several times.  It just seems so serious, and I've been tired or sore so long, I'm ready for this to be over.  UW is not paying me anymore since FMLA expired and it now sounds like I'm going to be let go in the next month or so.  I know that God will provide for us though and thankfully, people will continue to support us financially through the church, which should make up any difference.  Please take the time to pray for me tomorrow during the procedure, and if you feel led to help me or Sandra, please contact us and let us know.