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December 18, 2008

Surgery Update

   It has been three days since I took a shower.  The idea of it really seems rather disgusting, because I generally can't handle going without daily bathing.  However, my doctor says that the incision will heal much quicker if I don't wash it and make sure it stays dry.  Officially, I am not allowed to shower until Sunday.  The surgery went very well, and I was able to go home Tuesday morning.  I've got some pretty groovy drugs that help with the pain, and other than obvious pain in my back from cutting it open, I've got some pain going down my right leg also.  Ice seems to be helping with that.  
   The only thing that is surprising to me so far is the incision itself.  Based on all my conversations and consultations with the doctor, I expected about 3-4 inches of incision.  What I'm feeling on my back and where I feel the stitches, it is probably about twice that size.  No big deal other than getting a bigger, cooler scar than I thought.  All in all, things are going well, and I really appreciate all the encouraging words, prayers, calls and the ice cream too!  Please continue to pray and perhaps offer Sandra some encouragement too.  It can't be easy taking care of a smelly cripple.