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January 13, 2009

24: The First 4 Hours

   I've never been a big fan of Kiefer Sutherland for some reason.  I can't really remember, but for some reason, I remember a time when I was younger when I saw him in something and when he cried, thinking his face looked slightly like a turtle.  It's ridiculous, I know.  Whatever the reason is, I avoided watching the show 24 because he was the main star.  All that would change though.

   Last year, I got some money for my birthday and bought a television show on DVD for the first time.  If it wasn't super cheap, I probably would never have spent the money, because the idea of paying for something that I saw on network tv for free was a little silly.  When I started though, it was like I couldn't stop.  It was so much nicer to not watch commercials and be able to know what happens next.  Anyway, that's not the point.  When we finished that show, we decided that we should see what else was out there worth watching.  It's pretty nice to go to bed together and watch one or two episodes together.  At Walmart, we opted to get the first season of 24, because we kept hearing such good things about it.  I figured I'd offload it on Ebay if it was boring.  Needless to say, we got hooked.

   Now we own all six seasons of the show, thanks to the Black Friday sales.  This year is the first year we will watch on tv rather than dvd.  So far, it has been pretty sweet.  The show is incredible and as exciting as always.  I don't understand how people don't like this show!  It's one of the most creative things I've ever watched - along with Lost.  You can't miss a week though or you'll never really know what's going on.  Within the first four hours of the 24, we know that Tony Almeda is back from the dead.  Personally, I kind of wonder if he had a horcrux, but it's probably just me wishing Harry Potter was still going.

   We also learn that Jack is being investigated for his "interrogation methods," Tony is bad, Tony is good, high ranking officials in the US government, and the FBI are helping known terrorists and thwarting our attempts to stop a genocide.  This is all complicated further because the bad guys stole a lot of electronic equipment and kidnapped the mastermind behind the creation of the firewall that protects the entire US infrastructure.  The show is really incredible, in spite of the fact that it is completely far fetched.  My only real question at this point is about the mastermind.  

   This guy is supposed to be incredibly smart and creates this firewall that to inter-agency teams months and months to create and get in place.  I think they even said it might have taken years. The program is a firewall that protects pretty much everything.  The FAA systems use it, water treatment plants, reservoirs etc. also use it.  So why is it that when all these brilliant minds came up with this plan, no one ever said, "Hey, maybe it wouldn't be the smartest plan to put every single important US system under this one umbrella."  Why would they make it so that if one person figured out how to get in, they would control everything! It seems like a no brainer to me that we should diversify and maybe even make a number of different firewalls so that you'd have to crack each one.  

   Anyway, the show has been slightly less than believable, but it is well worth your time.  I'm hoping this season keeps going with all the twists and turns of previous seasons.  Of course it still needs to end with Jack Bauer saving the entire United States.  He's really good at that...better than Chuck Norris!