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January 1, 2009

Disappointing End

This year marks four years that I've taken part in a fantasy football league. If you know me, I don't really know that much about football. In junior high, I stood in uniform on the sideline at the first football practice and when the coach yelled that he wanted a tackle. No one stepped up, so I said I'd do it. Well, my dad wasn't around when I was kid, so I didn't know what a tackle was or what they were supposed to do. He pointed me in the right direction and off I went. It was awesome.

Fast-forward to high school where the coach thought everyone was supposed to be a cross country runner. After a week or so of practice, he told us all that we'd have to run the mile in under six minutes to be on the team. Not going to happen! Instead, I signed up for yearbook and learned how to take and develop my own pictures.

Fast-forward again to my current fantasy football situation. My first year, there were only four of us, and I swept the league. The next couple of years I was middle of the pack, but this year things looked a little better. Even though I couldn't make it to our draft, I scored a pretty good team with Frank Gore, Peyton Manning and Santana Moss among others. I managed to win my division and make it through the playoffs and ended up going head-to-head with Aaron Bieber for the championship. In spite of the season, the last game turned to junk. One of my guys didn't start, Peyton Manning got pulled after the first half and the Cowboys had their worst game of the season. Bummer, because it ended up in a 105-65 loss. Next year, it's on!