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January 22, 2009

Obama for Life Video

   I am most definitely a pro-life person.  I don't like the idea that we can just decide we don't want a baby and do away with it, and I do believe that it is a baby and not just a fetus.  There was a student in a class I was working in once who said the unborn baby is like loaded dice.  They are loaded, and no matter where you stop time along the way, the ultimate result is going to be the same because they are loaded...and said that was like abortion.  No matter where you choose to say it isn't a person, the result is ALWAYS a person and their life should be protected.  I loved that idea.  This video is out on the web and I thought it was a pretty interesting take on abortion.  Especially considering that President Obama is probably going to sign into law some pretty liberal abortion policies.  It's short and worth the watch.


Matt Coulter said...

Dude, I absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing it.