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January 30, 2009

Vote for our Baby

   So, not really for the baby, but how to spell the name.  We weren't completely sure, and we're leaning a certain way.  What do you think?  Also, you will find a vote for a middle name below.  Make sure to cast your ballot in both polls!  One thing about the middle name...both our kids have family middle names and the only options in that mix for family is Jon or Daniel.  Thanks for voting!!!


Anne said...

Braeden - Landen...."en" is the best option and for the middle name I still think you should go with Jack since it's a nickname for Jon and it was the name you wished you had growing up. :-)

Did you weigh in this week?

shellycoulter said...

I really like Oliver and Reese...but like the idea of going with a family name since Emerson and Braeden's middle name have that going on.

I thought I liked "en" better too...but when written down I think "on" looks better.

Whatever you guys pick will be perfect for your little guy! But...since you asked I thought I would give my 2 cents! peace out!

Matt Coulter said...

I vote James. Landon sounds to me like it needs a one syllable middle name.

And I vote for -on to end the first name. Looks stronger to me.

Not that that matters to you, but hey, you asked!