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January 8, 2009

Weight Watchers

   As of Wednesday, I've officially put on 100 pounds since graduating from high school.  I used to see people who were really big, and it made me wonder how they could let themselves go.  Looking at myself, I can see how easy it really is.  There are so many factors that go into a person eating.  I eat things because they taste good, maybe I eat to celebrate something, sometimes because I'm sad, a lot just because it is there.  It really is crazy how addicting food can be.  The thing is that once you start that bad habit, it is infinitely more difficult to break!

   If you read my blog, or have talked to me lately, you know I've been out of work now for six months with a back injury.  Several doctors through this process have mentioned how losing weight might help with my back.   My mom has literally been harping on me about it for years.  My wife has told me numerous times I should get gastric bypass surgery.  My sister has suggested signing up for the biggest loser.  It isn't like I haven't been hearing these things for a long time.  It is just coming to a point where I feel things need to chance.  I've been feeling that way for some time now.  It's just a combination of all those things people have been saying, plus seeing myself in a mirror to know that things need to change.  

   Thankfully, the new Direction Leader at our church used to do Weight Watchers and had been thinking about getting back into it.  He asked if I'd be interested in doing it too.  I know my mom was so excited about that and was thanking him a ton while they were waiting for my back surgery to complete.  I weighed myself at physical therapy on Monday, officially signed up and started tracking my points for the program yesterday.  It's not nearly as hard as expected.  I still get to eat all the junk I like for the most part, but as part of an overall change.  I even managed to stick to my limit yesterday and get a vanilla milkshake from McDonald's.  I think with some encouragement and help from my wife, I'll do this and it will work.

   Now, I'm going to just throw it all out there.  My official starting weight is 334 pounds.  I am as big as almost every single guy from the biggest loser that just finished a couple weeks ago.  Things need to change though, for my own happiness and health, for my wife, to be able to walk my daughter down the aisle, to teach both my sons things I never learned since my father wasn't around.  I'll be meeting with Brad on Fridays at Homestead Physical Therapy to weigh, and I'll update as the process goes on.  If you read this, please feel free to pray for me.


shellycoulter said...

I'm excited, encouraged, and inspired by you and your willingness to make changes in your life to be the best and healthiest person that you can be! I'm excited to see your journey and inspired to strive on towards my goals to better health for me and my family too!

oh yeah...your garage door is open!

Sandra said...

For the record, I don't encourage gastric bypass. I am, however, very excited and hope to be as supportive as I can be for you to stick with the Weight Watchers. My mom and aunt look so much better now because of it and I know that you can do the same. I love you and am proud of you!