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January 24, 2009

Weight Watchers

   Today marks 17 days that I've been tracking my points with Weight Watchers.  This week proved slightly more difficult because of trying to eat well dining out.  It's hard to just stop eating all the things I like because they are so bad for you.  One thing I had the hardest time with is the sirloin nachos from Qdoba.  They are so incredibly good, but they are worth 31 points!!  Instead, I'm working on choosing things like gumbo, which is only worth about 16.  I had to weigh on Saturday because I didn't have PT on Friday, so I weighed at the pool before going swimming.  As of this morning, I weight 318, which is a total loss of 16 pounds...go me!


Anne said...

Hang in're doing great!

Danny said...

Great job with the weight loss!! Every pound is a hard earned pound.
Keep it up Jon!