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February 28, 2009

Owning vs Renting

   I've been a renter for a very long time.  Not really that long when I think about it, but considering all the money I forked out for someone else, while getting nothing in's a long time.  Not true anymore!  This past year, Sandra and I purchased our first home and moved in the last weekend of August.  It's been really wonderful to have our own place where we can do anything we want.  Part of our desire is to make it a really welcoming and classy place...not where you feel like you have to race around like a monkey to find a coaster for fear of a water ring.  We've been working to improve and personalize it since we walked in the door, and Sandra's done some pretty amazing things.  Now I get to input things myself quite often.  I'm actually sort of uptight about decorations and trying to rearrange furniture.  I think it's a trait from my mom that rubbed off on me, because I remember coming home from school and finding the house different than when I left.  

   For those of you who don't know, I'm very glad we had another son.  The biggest reason for me?  Well, it all came down to my personal desire to have my little princess.  Emerson is an amazing child, no one could ask for a better kid.  She never really causes problems, and literally cries at the idea of getting a time-out.  My son is another story, but she loves to please people.  She is constantly trying to help Sandra clean and loves to vacuum...did I mention she can tri-fold towels and dishrags better than me?  Anyway, we have been working to get her room as cute as possible.  I am the one who found the pink sheers with little flowers on them.  I am the one who encouraged the little wooden flower she can hang on the wall to put her robe on.  I just like to make it super cute and girly for her.  

   Finally...the point of the story...we painted her room to match her!  The bottom half of the room is pink, and the bottom half is yellow. There has been this ugly line on the wall where the two colors meet for months.  This weekend, I broke down and finally bought some chair molding.  I've never been one to do the craftsy projects.  I twittered once about feeling more manly since I bought an air compressor.  However, it was my time to shine.  My wife doubted me, as did probably anyone who has known me for more than five seconds.  I borrowed a miter saw and a nail gun and went to work today to get that molding in place.  After a few hours, some stupid moves and wrong cuts, the room is done! It really makes it feel so nice.  

   The thing is that it didn't feel like work, even though it took me a lot of time and effort to figure out how to do this stuff.  It is completely the difference between owning and renting.  This is MY house and I'm going to work to take better care of it, and invest more time and effort into it.  It's a lot like dating verses marriage.  Even people who live together can't really understand the idea of marriage until they are completely sold out to each other.  I think after this project, I am officially sold out.  I'm a homeowner!  Here's a couple pictures of my handiwork.  Emerson loves it, and I hope you do too!


Anne said...

Great job Jon! The room looks great.

Sandra said...

I think it looks great, babe. You did a great job! And all fingers are intact. Wahoo! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful beautiful room for Emerson!!! You did a fantastic job Jon!!! Love you!!