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February 18, 2009

Playtime with Braeden

   We only have about a day and a half until Landen is delivered via c-section.  Fortunately, I still have not returned to work yet, which allows me ample time to spend with my wife and hopefully with my kids as well.  Twice a week, Emerson goes to pre-school and we have Braeden all to ourselves.  This morning, when I got home from dropping her off, he had been saying, "I want my dad," the whole time I was gone.  It was pretty cute, so I let Sandra head off to get ready and spent some time playing with him.  His personality has really been changing lately and being able to spend individual time with him has really helped him get past the terrible 2's.  The images below are from our playtime.  First, he emptied all the toys from his toybox so he could hide and let me find him.  Then we spent time making funny faces and just snuggling together, and did a puzzle.  The one I really thought was funny is the one where he's sort of holding his hands out but they are almost in his lap...he was showing me how he would hold Baby Landen after he's born.  Enjoy!