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February 26, 2009

Weight Watchers and Job Update

   It all went downhill starting with Friday the 13th.  Sandra and I were fortunate to use our credit card points with Travelocity to get a hotel room here in Laramie for our "last date."  My mom came over and spent the night with the kids, and we got a room at the Fairfield that included dinner at Altitude.  Sandra got the sirloin and I got a 12oz prime rib, all including salad and dessert.  A fat guy trying to do Weight Watchers should not have a plate of cheesecake put in front of him.  That's all I have to say about that.  Then on top of that, Sandra was in the hospital for two nights/three days.  I really didn't want to leave her there by herself anymore than necessary, so I slept there.  Ultimately, I ended up eating out all the time because it was so much more convenient.  Yesterday, I took Emerson to preschool and then took Braeden swimming for some father-son time.  I weighed while I was there and it was 310.  Still going in the right direction, although much more limited since I haven't worked very hard at it.

   Also, I've been working at the University of Wyoming for the past year or so, and that is where I was working when I got injured.  Up until last week, I kept hearing things tossed around like the "opportunity to resign."  I'm not about to quit without something in place to help my family make ends meet.  Especially with another baby here!  Last week, they told me that they were going to work with me to see if I can get help being placed in a new position.  Today, I had an interview as the Senior Office Associate in Molecular Biology.  It felt really good, but please pray that it would not work out if it isn't where God wants me to be.  Grace and Peace