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March 28, 2009

Take Off Your Sandals

   I've been studying through the book of Joshua lately, and came upon a very interesting passage.  Joshua 5:16 says, "The commander of the LORD's army replied, "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy."  You also find this same phrase in Exodus 3 when Moses first sees the burning bush.  God speaks to Moses and tells him to take his sandals off...the ground you are standing on is holy.  

   Many times, I've read these passages and thought nothing of it.  Obviously God was telling him the place was holy and for whatever reason, He wants them barefoot.  Who am I to question what God wants eh?  Then I read a book called Velvet Elvis written by Rob Bell and it made me stop and think about everything I've always just accepted and believed.  The question Rob asks is, what changed?  Moses had been walking that land his whole life, and suddenly the ground he's on is holy?  There are a couple of options as to why.  The first is that God is suddenly there, and wasn't before, and now it is holy.  

   The other option, which I tend to like better, is that the ground has always been holy, and God simply makes Moses and Joshua aware of it.  How often do we go through life without noticing all the things God is doing around us?  We are so busy with the junk of everyday life that we don't see where God is at work.  

Then, Jesus does what He does...
changes your heart 
opens your eyes  
makes you aware.  

God is continually at work around you, and wants you join in that.  

The ground you are standing on right now is holy.  
The place where you work is holy.  
The place where you shop is holy.  

Tonight, take five minutes and go into a room alone.  
Turn off anything that distracts you.  

Sit down...and be.  
Ask God to make you aware of the holiness around you.  
It has always been holy, and God is ready to make you aware of it.


Matt said...

I love this. It's so true! Thanks for sharing how God is moving in your times with him!