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April 3, 2009

Married in Iowa

   I read and article today about how Iowa has unanimously overturned the rules stating marriage is between one man and one woman, paving the way for our third state to allow it.  I have to be honest, I know it's going to happen throughout the country and I'm not surprised.  It's inevitable.  There's still the issue that marriage is not just a religious institution and is also a legal institution.  This is one of those issues where I really think if the church was functioning "correctly," then it wouldn't be a problem.
   The only thing that confuses me is the legal argument.  It is their prerogative and it is a private matter.  Who is the government to tell gays they should not be able to get legally married.  Should the law be changed simply because there is a segment of society that no longer has a problem with it?  If that is the case, why should the government interfere with people who want multiple marriage partners or something along those lines?  It seems that this is going to open the doors to many more issues in the future.  Just my thoughts...and for those out there who will read this and say I support the gay lifestyle or anything, I still think it is against sound biblical doctrine.  That isn't a reason to treat gay people like second class citizens or that they are any less important as people or children of God.  What do you think on this issue?


Anonymous said...

I've thought about this myself the last few days. The biggest issue that seems to arise is that most people lump the person and their conduct together, making them inseparable. So, if you claim to love a gay individual, you are supposedly required to love the fact that they are gay as well. I've heard this argument over and over again (mostly in regards to Christians and how we're supposed to be loving and accepting, otherwise we're totally intolerant). As Christians, we are called to love all people just as Christ would. However, we are NOT supposed to support their sin. I can love my grandpa, but NOT love the fact that he's an alcoholic. I can love my gay friends, but NOT the fact that they lead homosexual lifestyles. I love the person, and the person is not defined only by their actions and life choices. In my opinion, allowing gay marriage would be like allowing drunk driving. Both are the results of personal choices that have destructive consequences in the end. You just can't see the results of the one as obviously as the other.