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June 14, 2009

I love home ownership!

It has been a number of weeks since I started working on a fence for my house. Our goal this summer was to get a fence in place, and a sprinkler system and grass, and a storm door. Well, needless to say, things never work out how we want them to. I have a 95% completed fence that I was unable to finish tonight, leading to much angry grumbling. The only thing left is to get our gate in place which is proving more difficult than it should be.

It seems the grass is attempting to allude me also. A sprinkler is very expensive if you pay someone to install it, but very reasonable if you do the work yourself. We don't have a large yard, and it could probably be watered fairly easily with just a normal hose and sprinkler, it would be SO nice to have a system...not just because it is more efficient, but it is so incredibly convenient, and I never have to babysit my lawn! Well, the fence has taken so long we haven't been able to focus on the sprinkler. No sprinkler = No grass

We haven't managed to get the storm door in place either, but let it be known that I will not be defeated by my house. Sandra and I decided last minute that we'd like more lighting in the kitchen. I've already hard wired under cabinet lighting, but natural lighting is always good too. Researching online, I learned that it is pretty tough to install skylights after the house is already built, so we opt for a solar tube. With the help of my father-in-law and my friend Tod, we managed to actually install it this weekend. So far, it's been great and the roof isn't leaking. We're already considering adding another one. Here's a couple of pictures. The first is my father-in-law doing some work through the hole in my kitchen ceiling and the other is the finished product.