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July 7, 2009

1 Year Anniversary

Last night, I went to get a massage to help with some of the pains I've felt in my back the last few weeks. Sitting in a desk is a lot easier than my last job, but it still tends to flair things up in my back occasionally. As I lay there, there's not much else to do but relax and think, and I realized that my injury occurred 7/7/08 - one year ago today! It seems so long ago.

I still remember and can picture vividly being in the back of the recycling truck and trying to stretch out my back. I couldn't shake the pain, which was not normal. I kept going though because there was work to do. I made a point to keep working on it though. Maybe it just didn't pop or stretch enough. I made it to lunch and when I got back to the warehouse, I finally had to go. Nothing I did would alleviate the pain. Little did I know that over the next 9 months, I would endure chiropractic treatment, multiple MRI, CT scans, dual lateral lumbar spinal injections, temporary paralysis, my first ambulance ride, missing my class reunion because I was in a hospital, physical therapy, massage, surgery and more therapy, as well as the birth of my second son. It doesn't seem real!

I've read things online that 80% of people who have this surgery end up needing some sort of followup surgery. I'm hoping that I can be in that rare 20%, but only time will tell. Instead, I think I might take the afternoon off and take my family to Ft. Collins to celebrate my anniversary.