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July 10, 2009

Let's Make a Deal

    Got so bored at work the other day that I took the afternoon off.  I usually don't like to leave work on slow days because I'd much rather use my vacation time when it is very busy and I'm frustrated at being there.  This time, I had a little comp time to go through and thought it would be fun.  Emerson was over playing at a friends house so Sandra and I took the opportunity to go to the Home Depot.  (Even as I write this, a mischievous little grin is spreading across my face.)
   There is something to be said again about home ownership.  I've talked with Matt about how it feels when you are a renter going into stores like that - you just don't belong.  However, now that I own a home, there is a new sense of pride as I walk the aisles looking for ways to make my house even better!  I'm constantly trying to think of ways to make my living space a little more comfortable and a little homier.  This trip would be no exception.  We've been thinking since we moved in about putting a cabinet in our laundry room over the washer and dryer to allow for more storage in there, and we still have some tax return money left over.
   I can't just walk in and get the only item on the list though!  Suddenly, I thought to myself, I should get a screen door to put in our garage door.  That way we can leave it open for a little breeze and hear the kids when they're playing.  In my mind, I'm picturing one of those old wooden doors that gives the awesome KERTHUNK every time the spring slams it closed.   I perused the aisles until I found it, but they were $37 which seems steep for a square of wood with a spring and a screen.   Certainly I could get ambitious and make something, but let's get real...who has time for that?  Luckily, there was another screen normally $108 that was on clearance for $27.01 - it's mine!  I took it up front with our cabinet and when they rang it up, it only scanned for $.01 - yes that is .zero1!!!  I happened to also be standing with my brother-in-law who is the general manager there.  I told him I'd pay the $27.01 that it was supposed to be, but he told them, "Eh, just let it go."  I'm grateful every time a deal like that is discovered.  It makes me walk the aisles like a kid in a candy store wondering what else might ring up as a screaming deal.  Sandra always brings me back to reality though.