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September 4, 2009

Would You Rather...

I'm sure you've all played those games of would you rather at some point in your life. I bought a book of them to use with the youth group I lead and we did them when we were driving from Wyoming to Mississippi to do some Hurricane Katrina relief work. It's really a great way to pass the time. The grossest one that the first MS team came up with was: Would you rather...drink a gallon of hot dog juice, or a shot glass of butt sweat? Seriously, you should spend some time contemplating that one. Either way it isn't a pretty picture, but if you were at the fork in the road (so to speak) on the Amazing Race or something, which one would you go for?

Today, a friend on Facebook updated her status with one of these and it really got me thinking. I know which I would choose, but I'll fill you in on that after I ask the question. Ready?

Would you rather have Michael Vick as your dog sitter, or have Congress balance your checkbook?

I would love to hear your answers to both of these questions, but here's my response - at least to the Michael Vick/Congress idea. I think I would pick Congress in all honesty. Let's be real...those folks spend and spend like there no tomorrow and borrow like crazy to make the magic happen. Seriously though, there's no point where someone makes them stop though!! I could live my entire life spending twice what I make because someone else will have to foot the bill later. Just my opinion though. What's yours?