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October 26, 2009

#619. Offering grace and forgiveness exclusively to people named

If you are one of the four people who read this blog, you know Emmaus has multiple teachers up front on a rotating schedule. This week, it was Matt Coulter (also known as my best friend) or PIC. We're working our way through the themes found in Luke and we're going to spend most of a year to accomplish that. This week, he taught on the passage in Luke where Jesus is "run out" of his hometown, and looked at the theme of grace. These people loved all that Jesus was teaching until they realized He was talking about giving grace to people they didn't think were worthy of grace. It was one of the best teachings and I'm sad the recording didn't work. I ran PowerPoint and kept the transcript - maybe I'll get his permission to post the whole thing.

Anyway, part of the sermon included a Twitter update from ProdigalJohn about the Kanye West interruption of Taylor Swift's speech at the MTV awards. This comment made a lot of people upset for some reason and it's been making me think about how I really view grace today. I went back to read the tweet and the blog he wrote about it and I think it's worth sharing. Please read it using the link will give you a lot to think about. We sang "How He Loves" also which is a great song - one of the lines says, "If His grace is an ocean, we're all sinking." Only after the sermon, I'm not sure I can sing that if I'm being honest with myself, because I don't show grace like I should. I don't live grace like I should. Somewhere along the way, I earned my grace and decided I no longer needed to show it. I have a lot to wrestle with.

#619. Offering grace and forgiveness exclusively to people named "me."

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Matt Coulter said...

By all means, go ahead and post it! I'm still wrestling with what the ramifications look like in my life. Anything to help others wrestle, too.

And what's a PIC?

Matt Coulter said...

Who are these crazy young preachers using Twitter in a sermon, anyways? Back in my day, we preached from the Bible, dangnabbit!

Jon Kelly said...

PIC = Partner in Crime