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October 29, 2009

Social Media Fast

Do you have rituals you perform when you first sit down at your desk at work? Looking around at my co-workers, I see people who always check the stack of junk they left on their desk. I see others who always jump in with work email (after loading up their Pandora stations). Others jump in where they left off with no particular method of attack. I have some rituals too.

I sit down at a computer anywhere and I do the same thing everyone does at work...check my Facebook. Of course, I needed to also check out my online Twitter updates to see which tweets I missed because they aren't sent to my phone. Then there's my Gmail account, my Google Reader, Blogger and work email too. Then I'm ready to plow on.

For some reason, it hit me yesterday that I'm literally wasting my life away. I hate that I spend so much time wanting to know the status updates of my friends. I live within a two or three minute walk of two of my best friends and I never see them in "real life." See while I was stressing over all these internet things, "real life" was passing me by. I miss time with my wife. I miss time with my kids. I miss time with my friends. None of those things happen often enough. At least not with any sort of quality. I usually feel as though I'm getting mediocre interaction because I'm typing while it happens, or I'm racing from one thing to the next. Needless to say, I felt it was time for a break.

Last night, I disconnected my cell phone from the Twitter account and I deactivated my Facebook. In short, I'm taking something of a Social Media Fast. I realize as I write this, I'm still using social media to communicate it. However, spending time writing my thoughts and wrestling with things for more than 140 characters is one of those good things that I want to keep doing. I will keep using my email and probably try to update my blog a little more often. When will I return to the world of Twitter and Facebook is a mystery. I might enjoy my time away so much that I don't want to return. In the meantime, feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email so we can get together.