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November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I have never dressed up in a costume for Halloween. Never. Growing up, my family was a little closer to the "conservative" side of Christianity, but not to the point where I wasn't allowed to dress up. My church was pretty against the holiday in general, but my parents were a little more progressive about it. It wasn't that I couldn't dress up, I just never did. There was one year in the 80's when we still lived in Germany when my sister dressed up as a hobo, but for some reason, I never dressed up. I have heard a lot of the religious arguments about why we shouldn't celebrate Halloween but I simply don't buy it. What harm could come from my kids dressing in a $10 costume from Kmart and walking around to collect free candy?

People in my office are "celebrators." They like to get together and order in or do potluck style meals for pretty much any reason. Apparently they also like to dress up for Halloween as a group. Last year, they all played Flinstone characters, and this year, they decided to do the Peanuts gang. Somehow in this whole decision making process, I was suckered...I mean tricked...I mean convinced that I needed to also dress up, and I was going to be Charlie Brown. I bought the shirt which was actually a Wyoming Cowboys shirt, so I guess you could say I was technically Charlie Brown & Gold! Sandra cut out the black zig zag thing and attached it for me, and actually pushed for the hair. Now I think I sort of like it and want to keep it, but she's backpedaling. How did we do?

Of course we dress our own kids up every year. This year, Emerson was a fairy and Braeden was a dinosaur. Landen defaulted to our little ghost hat that both the other kids wore. Unfortunately, we aren't good planners or something because all the Halloween stuff happened on Friday here, except for Walmart. So we ventured the cold for another trip to Wallyworld, only this time for free candy.

Another little girl at Walmart made Emerson's night when she walked past and told her parents, "Look at that little girl! She's a fairy and she's beautiful!"

Thanks for all your help Kristin. I love how comfortable you are with our kids.

Braeden loved being a "Dime-o-sore"

Braeden with his buddy Eli. See Dinosaurs and Monkeys can co-exist!

Happy trails and Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

absolutely NOT with the did look adorable....but you better grow that gorgeous hair of yours...QUICK! Maybe you should grow that tail that you had for so many years!! Love you!

Paulette said...

Great post! You make a great Chuck. :)


Paulette said...

Great post! You make a great Chuck. :)