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November 9, 2009

Seeing the World Through Clear Plastic Glasses?

Anyone with small children knows that date nights with your spouse are a precious commodity. There are very few ways that you can wrangle up a babysitter willing to hang out with three children aged five or younger including dinner and getting them all to bed. One is to invite some friends over "for dinner" only to tell them that there's a note on the counter with instructions for the kids and money for pizza then book it like there's no tomorrow!

Another method is to try and offer to trade sitting with another couple that has small children. It feels almost counter-productive. Although you gain one night out with your spouse, when it's time to repay the favor, you lose that evening at home relaxing together because one of you needs to go babysit while the other stays with home with your own kids. At least you taste freedom for one night though - unless your night is cut short due to something annoying or foul like vomit or excessive crying.

The most likely method for Sandra and myself is family. Luckily, we live close to both our families. This weekend, we went to visit Sandra's grandma who was in the hospital with fluid in her lungs. While we were there, we took advantage of it, and left the kids with Sandra's parents so we could go out! We went to the movies and saw the new "A Christmas Carol" move in 3-D. Neither of us had ever seen a 3-D movie before this. All I knew was what I'd seen in other movies or on television shows where everyone is sitting around in their glasses with the red and blue lenses jumping and throwing popcorn into the air when they were startled.

Well, that was the first major difference. These glasses were like the old military birth control glasses (if you don't know, ask someone who was tied to the military.) The lenses were clear plastic though. You could wear them around if you wanted and it wouldn't mess up your vision. Not that you'd want to. When the time came for our real 3-D experience, we were ready. It has to be one of the coolest things I've experienced. The movie wasn't so much about jumping out and scaring you, but it added a depth to the movie that is really hard to explain. There were times where things came out at you which was awesome, but it was just so much more realistic than I expected. The coolest thing had to be the company's intro though where a little dog was chasing this ball/orb thing and it gets tossed out at us. It was like it was actually in the room and was such a neat experience. The movie itself was just eh, but I'd go again just for the experience. There are a bunch of 3-D movies on the way, and I'd say it is definitely worth the extra couple bucks to see the world through those clear plastic glasses.