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December 6, 2009

Christmas Decorations

The kids have been asking since October when we get to set up our Christmas tree. We've had to stall them and keep reminding them that Christmas is still coming guys, we just have to wait patiently. Then Halloween came around and people started putting up orange lights and the kids got so excited thinking they were Christmas lights. Now that the season is finally upon us, it brings so much joy for me to see how happy the kids get whenever we see Christmas trees or lights.

We knew we were going to be gone the entire weekend of Thanksgiving, so we took some time a few nights before Thanksgiving to set up our own tree and decorate the house. We let the kids put all the ornaments up, so inevitably we ended up with a little ring of ornaments about three feet off the ground that we had to fix later. The kids love to turn the lights on an look at the tree, and we've had more than one picnic on the living room floor because of it. Here's some pictures of them decorating. You'll love the ones where we ask Braeden to open his eyes because he was squinting. He takes directions well (most of the time.)