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December 19, 2009

Health Care Reform aka Eat Your Vegetables

If you've followed the health care reform that Obama is trying to force through Congress, you'd know that most people don't want what he has to offer. If you follow it, you'd also notice that to most liberals, if you don't want Obamacare, you are against health care reform. The stance just isn't true because I think there are a lot of things that could be changed and improved - while at the same time, I think that Obamacare is not a good thing.

Some of the bigger and more obvious questions that can be asked: If this is so good, why are they having to essentially bribe people like Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu to get their votes? How is it possible to spend almost $1 trillion and CUT the deficit? If they can pay for all this by eliminating waste and inefficiency in Medicare, why aren't they doing those things now to save money? If the benefits of this package don't really kick in until 2014, why is it so urgent to pass the bill before Christmas with these crazy late night votes?

All of that doesn't even take into account that according to pretty much all polls, more than half the country is against this plan. I even saw one poll that had the majority of people asked stating that doing nothing would be better than the current proposals. Every time I read about what is happening, or see some newscast, I wonder why the Democrats in Congress keep ignoring the people who vote them there in the first place. As I sat a week ago talking to Matt, I realized the answer was...

eat your vegetables!

You're probably thinking, "Seriously, this is such a stupid blog and I should quit reading! What do vegetables have to do with it?" Well, having three small children helped me understand. When we sit down to eat, whether it is lunch or dinner, my kids get a veggie put in front of them. Sometimes they love it and wolf it down, and other times they don't want to touch it. I always try to make them take at least a few bites because I know that long term, vegetables are good for them. I truly think the Democrats have that mindset with voters. They think we are basically too stupid to see that what they are forcing on us is actually good for us. We may not like it now, but after we choke it down, we'll appreciate them later. I wish they'd take their time and do this right. No, we'll probably never be able to please everyone, but how about we work on "reform" instead of just taking health care over? The government never seems to run anything very well, and the last thing I need is some fool out in Washington having in put in decisions that affect my personal health. In the grand scheme of government being the solution or the problem, this is one of those things where I'm thinking more likely than not - they are about to become the problem.