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December 12, 2009

Social Media Fast

I couldn't give you a concrete answer why , but a month ago, I just felt like I needed a break...specifically from my Facebook and Twitter accounts. There is something that just didn't feel right about how much time I was spending reading little snippets from my friends lives. It isn't that I didn't enjoy knowing what was going on, and being honest, it isn't like I really spent any more face to face time with those people when I pulled the plug.

Even writing this blog about it seems almost silly. I had no plan as to what I would do with my new "free time." I also had no plans as to how long I would be gone. For a good portion of it, I wasn't sure if I was going to come back. Sandra would fill me in occasionally when interesting conversations were going on thanks to posts put up by Matt. I'd run into Jen picking up the kids at pre-school and she would comment that it was strange not having me chime in on conversations anymore. I missed hearing how my friend Danny was doing with his running, and the updates with how his family and church were doing. It was sad to not hear the little things going on in my wife's life and happening during our kids' day. I missed the random funny things going on with all the people who I've connected with over the years in "real life" and then reconnected with online. There were times when I really felt like I was missing out on something.

Four weeks and three days. 31 total days where I didn't do Facebook or Twitter. It was over in the blink of an eye, and I didn't even realize the time had gone by. In the end, I logged into Facebook again and started reading through all the posts and thought to myself, "I really wasn't missing much." I once again love to get those updates from the people I care about the most, and I feel like I know more of what's happening in their lives, but I don't miss the rest. A day may come - soon - when I finally shut it down for good.


shellycoulter said...

Moderation, my friend. It's fun to be on...but I think you found out that life without facebook is just fine. (like most things in our life).

Moderation is a hard thing for me to live out in my life so don't think I've got this figured out. I've had to put rules on my facebook use. I've had to put some kind of guidelines on many things in life ---eating, exercising, studying, TV,sleeping,time with friends, etc. Finding balance in life must be a purposeful act.

I really respect you for recognizing an area that was out of balance and taking appropriate measures to get priorities right. Those decisions are hard to do, but when we make them we usually find them to be quite easy to carry out when you're decided! You have a clearer picture of the things you miss and the parts you can easily live without. Its a good place to be!

If I haven't told you lately...You are a great friend to Matt and I, a great husband and daddy, and a great neighbor. :)