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January 21, 2010

Accidents Happen

The past number of years, it seems like thing just tend to go wrong for me. Not necessarily wrong, but not necessarily right either...just not how we'd planned them. I had to have my appendix out, I tore some ligaments in my leg playing softball for the first time, I hurt my back at work, I was let go from a job. It just feels like we can't seem to get things heading in the right direction. One strange thing is that my injuries tend to happen at the same time my wife is with child (knock on wood, or particle board or whatever is nearby!)

This time, it wasn't me! Sandra is one of the most adventurous people I know. She's always taking risks and I keep telling her that it will haunt her one day, but does she ever listen? Two nights ago was no execption. She's got her knee pressed up against the entertainment center and is leaning over the chair next to it to plug in the laptop.

Can you sense the looming danger already? I'm waiting for the loud zapping noise and in prepration, I poise myself to run over and fling the power cord away from her when the electrocution starts! Needless to say, she doesn't make it that far in the process. Instead, her knee pops and she drops.

I ran over to her to make sure she was ok and tried to make her comfortable and comfort her all at the same time. She insists that she is ok and there is no need to go to the ER. The next morning though, the pain is still pretty bad and she is gimping around the house trying to avoid that knee. Yesterday, I took the day off and we went to Gem City to get it all checked out. They did an xray which looked fine, and then decided to order an MRI. We got that done yesterday afternoon, so now we wait. Monday at 10 am, she is going back to see how much damage was done to her MCL and meniscus and what the next step will be.

It was pretty overwhelming to lose a job and half my income. I wonder sometimes how I will provide for my family long term, but continue to trust things will work out. Every time I start to think I can get comfortable though, it seems like accidents happen and I just can't seem to get ahead. Pray about her knee and for trust that if there is something wrong, God will provide once again. Sometimes it isn't easy to trust in the midst of all these accidents.