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January 11, 2010

The Gospel According to Lost by Chris Seay

When Christians talk about the gospel, they are usually referring to the fact that Jesus death and resurrection opens the door for our reconciliation with God and is often referred to as the “good news.” In slightly more detail; God loves us, we are separated from God but can be reconciled, Jesus example etc. I really love the show Lost and love the intricate storyline and frequent references to Biblical ideas. When this book showed up as a choice from my Thomas Nelson blog reviewer program, I jumped on it.

The premise of the book, or so I thought, is exploring the gospel as it relates to and is evidenced in the show Lost. The book was a major let down because it consistently scratched the surface but could have includes so much more richness and depth. While the show includes many veiled and obvious references to Biblical ideas, the book became more of a recap of the characters lives and a loose reference to how that applies to the Christian journey. This character struggles to overcome this, just like our journey. That character struggles to believe this, just like your journey. Some of it seemed to press my “cheesy Christian stuff” button.

For example; in talking about the love that Desmond and Penny have for each other. It is pure, timeless, honorable and unconditional…just like the love the God has for us. It’s not that the statement is untrue, or that people don’t need to hear it, but it could have been so much better. The book was good overall and an interesting read for a Lost fan, but probably not something I’d recommend for the average reader. It felt rushed and might have been better after the completion of the show. If you’re really a lost fan, then you’re probably already talking about these ideas with your friends and getting a lot more from the discussion.