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February 25, 2010

American Idol

   So last night was the guys' opportunity to wow us, but I think it really fell short.  I'll say that there was no single performance that showed actual "star quality."  There were a couple that I enjoyed hearing, and I think they will get much better next week now that they've had the chance to perform on the live stage.  My favorite of the night was Casey James who sang "Heaven" by Bryan Adams.  Although I have to say it is a little bizarre to see Kara while he's performing.  A video of his performance can be seen below.

   Sandra and I both really like Andrew Garcia, but his Fall Out Boy performance was a bit odd last night.  It isn't that he was necessarily bad, or that most of the guys were, but it just wasn't great.  Sandra is a fan of Aaron Kelly, but really, he's only there so that we have someone to vote out in my opinion.  He has a decent voice, but I'm not down with the country stuff.  What did you guys think of the performances?  Anyone you think was a standout?  Were the judges wrong about anyone in particular?  Those are my thoughts...leave a comment with yours.