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February 27, 2010

Another Disappointment

   A week ago on Friday, I interviewed for a new position at the University of Wyoming.  Right now, I'm working in the Accounts Payable office of Accounting, but a new position was created.  I applied to be the Supervisor of Student Financial Operations and managed to get an interview.  I was pretty pumped because if I got the job, it would totally be an answer to prayer and our financial concerns since being "let go" from my job at Emmaus.

   Then the news got even better when I found out that only two people put in for it including me!  I did a bit of research on the job and the department when I was preparing for my interview, but also learned that the other person being interviewed already worked in the department.  That's never a good sign because if you've had a job more than a month, you know that usually someone is already picked out for a position like this before the job is even posted for applicants to submit their resume.  To make matters worse, this other person is rumored to have been filling in as "interim supervisor" too.  This is not looking good for me.

   I thought the interview went really well and had a good feeling that I might actually have a shot. (At the time, I knew there was one other person, but wouldn't learn the other info until after the interview)  I was told they would let me know "early next week."  Well early turned into the middle of next week, and then turned into the end of next week and I still hadn't heard.  I jumped on the UW human resources site, and what did I find?  They now had an opening for an office worker in the department. Logical conclusion is that they offered her the job and posted her old position, before they even bothered to tell me I didn't get the job!  I emailed the ladies I interviewed with and got a call back within an hour telling me that they'd gone another direction.

   Now I'm sitting here still struggling to figure out how to financially provide for my family and wondering if we even belong in Laramie.  Not to mention the disappointment of not getting a job that would have been fantastic and let us stay put, plus the total lack of professionalism in how my rejection was handled.  You'd think that when people have been working in supervision roles for some time that they'd know how to better handle this kind of stuff.  Maybe I've come to expect too much from leadership.


Jennifer Hamilton said...

Jon, I've got to tell you that this has happened to Bill SO many times that it doesn't even surprise us anymore. I am not sure who decides how to handle the "rejected" applicants, but not many people seem to give it a second thought, that these are people who were hoping for this position, and they should be treated with kindness. Most recently, Bill applied for this job with US Lacrosse in Baltimore. He applied 2x, because they kept reposting the position. He really wanted this job, so he emailed the individuals involved several times a week to make sure they'd gotten all his materials. He even called a few times. NOT ONCE did anyone even bother to respond, to say "hey, thanks, but you're not qualified" or "you want too much money". Just total silence. The lack of consideration for people just floors me too. Sorry about the job:(