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February 25, 2010

Gay Marriage

   To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole gay marriage issue.  I've gone back and forth between my feelings over whether I agree in general with a gay lifestyle and the debate over whether the state should be involved in marriage at all...or civil unions or whatever other title.  The thing that jumped out at me in this article is the statment released by the City of Beverly Hills where they state "She does not represent Beverly Hills in any capacity" because she shared her beliefs that happen to not support gay marriage.

   She is a private citizen, regardless of her status in this beauty contest, and can have beliefs.  I'm sure there are people (even in Beverly Hills) that don't agree with same sex marriage.  To try and disqualify her because of her personal beliefs is ridiculous.  What do you think?  Should her support or opposition to a specific viewpoint based on her personal beliefs be enough to kick her out?  Should personal views really make any difference in a beauty contest?  Leave your thoughts in the comments. - Beverly Hills Slams Beauty Contestant for Speaking Out Against Gay Marriage

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