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February 26, 2010

Is Your Washing Machine Running?

   Well why don't you go catch it?!  I remember as a kid thinking that joke was so funny.  Little did I know I'd be pursuing positions in ministry where the jokes are always that good!  Our washing machine decided last night that it was going to try and make a break for it.  I got off work and came home to grill some chicken.  During one of my trips back inside the house, Sandra and I heard our washing machine get "off."  I'm sure you've all experienced where the load gets off center and starts to rock the machine and you need to go adjust it.  Well, our machine is a pretty new front loading type and it is self adjusting.  We've have it a year or so and have never had to open it to do anything. 

   So it starts to bang, and we look towards the room like you do when you hear a loud noise, but this time it doesn't stop.  It actually got louder and then the wall started shaking!  I went over to open the door to check it out...but it wouldn't open.  The machine had actually started rocking so hard, it had walked its way in front of the laundry room door!  I kept trying to open it while Sandra ran and turned off the breaker.  It stopped beating the walls, but had come to rest in front of the door.  I couldn't even get the knob to turn.  I went to the garage and grabbed a screwdriver and took off the knob.  It took a long time because the machine had actually rocked hard enough to bend and ultimately break the doorknob. 

   I pushed pretty hard but could only get the door to open up about an inch.  I called up my friend Tod to see if he had any advice because, of course, the hinges were inside the room so we couldn't just pop the door.  He had never experienced anything like it, but said if he thought of something he'd call back.  I was ready to break the door because I thought I had no other option.  Finally, I braced down as close to where the washer and door met and pushed.  The door was making those little popping noises of wood breaking, but I managed to push it back a few inches.  It is pretty tough because I had to move the washer which was full of clothes and water, AND the dryer back.  I managed least far enough to try and get the hinges popped up and take the door off.

   It took over an hour of work, and I managed to get the middle and the top pins.  Finally, since my wife (who is incredible hot and skinny) managed to stand on a chair and wiggle her way onto the top of the washer and drop into the room and remove the last pin.  VICTORY IS MINE!!!  Not sure what we should do to make sure it doesn't happen again, but at least this time I had a spare doorknob and everything is back to normal.  Here's a picture to give you an idea how far this thing actually walked.  Pretty crazy eh!?