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February 1, 2010

The January Highlights

I'm sitting here on my computer at 11pm having just filed my taxes for the year and thinking about how quickly this past month went by. I doesn't seem possible that we are already in the month of February yet. Ever since finishing high school, it really feels like time has flown by. Especially having three kids now and watching how fast they really do grow up. You never believe it when your parents say it though.

This year I made a few goals to work on, and I think they are going pretty well so far. You can read the actual goals I posted here, but I'm just going to talk about them without any special order. One of my goals this year is to work on losing some weight. I set a total year goal of 85 pounds but decided to make it more manageable by working towards 7 pounds per month. I've been working on losing weight using Weight Watchers. I use the term working loosely because I don't seem to stick with anything. I never totally gave up this time, which is a good change from the past, and this morning I got on the bathroom scale to see where I am. My starting weight was 336, but I rounded down to 335 because it was a good starting place. This morning, my weight was 327.6 which puts me at 7.4 pounds lost since I started. Go me! Just to qualify, I weight myself totally undressed and only after using the bathroom for the morning. I don't want to make it sound better than it is because if I don't focus a little harder, I won't make the second month. I know that if I put some effort into it, the weight would drop off.

Another goal of mine was to spend more time with the kids. Really it's about quality time and I think I'm doing a good job with that. We took the kids to Jumpin in Loveland and I have been reading books with them quite a bit. I also have made it a point to actually lay with the kids in bed at night when they are falling asleep whenever they ask. I used to tell Emerson all the time that I had work to do, but I have no excuses now and I refuse to make one up. It takes 5-10 minutes before she is totally asleep and I can leave so I do it.

We've also done pretty well at hanging out with people too. I am most surprised at this one. We had Peter and Kelli over and you can see the proof in this video of Peter on the Wii Fit. We've also hung out a couple of times with Sandra's cousin Jennifer and her son Michael, and Sandra's sister Katie and her husband Ryan. I think we could still use a little work in this are, but we're only 1/12 done with the year.

The other one I mentioned was my sarcasm. I'm not totally sure that this one is going in the right direction. I can feel the sarcasm flaring its ugly head on a regular basis and I call Sandra a punk more times in a week than I care to admit. Part of me thinks it's all in fun, but I'm sure people who hear me say dumb things don't think so. I'll keep working on it.

There you have it. Not really much to report but for both of you reading this, I hope you enjoyed it. I still haven't found another job to help with our family income. We still haven't visited another church yet either, although I think we're ready to start that search. I've been a little concerned that if we end up needing to leave Laramie, I don't want to get necessarily involve myself in another church here, but I'm starting to think that might just be an excuse. I need to gather with other believers, sing and be challenged through the Bible. I think we might be looking at some options this week. When I know more, you will too! Grace and Peace


shellycoulter said...

way to go, Jon! Glad you are still thinking about your goals! We certainly don't have to have it all figured out in January. I think its really healthy for us to just be thinking about who we are, how we spend our time, etc. I, too, have been laying with the kids more than I used to. I realized one day they wont want me to lay with I do it now too! Good times! :)