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February 21, 2010

Lenten Reflections Day 4

   Yesterday was day four of the Lenten Reflections I receive in my email.  This is the link I posted in my previous blog about my own Lenten journey this year.  They are short reflections from Dr. Larry Crabb that tie into each book of the Bible.  Saturday's was about the book of Numbers and is a reminder that life is tough sometimes.  God is not there to necessarily cuddle us as we journey along, but at times will need to make major changes in your life.  The posts are essentially written from God's perspective as the author and inspiration of the scripture.  My favorite part of Saturday's message is copies below.  Take a minute to read it, and then think of your own journey and this applies to what God might be doing.

    My servant C. S. Lewis got it right: I'm not safe, but I am good. I will not coddle you any more than a good surgeon only hugs a cancer-stricken child. I will not coddle you, but I will purify you. And that takes more, not less, than a hug.