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February 22, 2010

Our Little Soccer Champ

   Braeden is now three years old, so Sandra's parents asked if he'd be interested in playing soccer or taking swim lessons.  He wanted to do soccer, and it just so happened that our friend Jen was going to be coaching a Little Kickers team, the Green Monkeys.  We got him signed up and after a couple practices, he had his first game.  It was less than incredible, but still fun to watch.  

He said that he was ready to play, so we geared him up with his shin guards, special soccer socks to hold them in place, and his Penn State gear (courtesty of Uncle Ryan and Aunt Katie).  We had to make sure to get photos so we could show them, but I think Mommy said something to scare him!

   Than it was game time.  Have you ever seen the movie Office Space?  You remember the supervisor walking around all the time talking about how he needs you to work on the weekend or whatever and finish with "That would be great."  Well, is a little like that when he played soccer.  He went onto the "field" which is really an indoor basketball court, and then the kids started chasing the ball.  Braeden was a little like the supervisor.  He stood in one spot and watched them chase the ball a little, hands at his sides, and then he looked at the basketball hoops and then the lights, then the people watching the game, then....well you get it.  When it was his time to trade out with another player, he never really made it back in.  He sat there on the sideline telling me that he was tired and ready to go home.

   His first week, it was that he was tired.  The second week, he kept telling us and Jen that he was going to go super fast, but then he ended up not being able to because his knees hurt.  It sure didn't stop him from racing out to the lobby when it was time for snacks.  At least the second week he actually walked the court to somewhat follow the action.  Maybe next week, he'll actually run after the ball.  I'm guessing the ball will not be kicked until sometime around his 5th birthday at this rate!