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February 19, 2010

Review: 10 Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing

Ten Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing: How Leaders Can Overcome Costly Mistakes

Geoff Surratt serves as executive pastor of Seacoast Church based in Charleston, South Carolina, and is also one of . Geoff helped transform this individual church into a "multi-site" church with 13 locations based in three different states. He has served almost 30 years in churches throughout the country which gives him a fairly good base from which to write a book like this.

Serving on staff at a church that has fluctuated over the years and finally trickled down to about 75 active attenders in the past year or so, I was drawn in by the title and wondered if we might be doing some of these things. Plus you have the standard questions about what this person thinks the Church's issues are. I actually really enjoyed his writing style and his writing was quick paced and easy to follow. He threw in the occasional pastor joke, but they were easy to overlook. The book consists of his introduction and conclusion chapters, along with ten specific things that churches tend to do that isn't the best idea or should be done to higher standards. Some of the topics include a pastor trying to do it all, a sub-par worship experience and trying to copy another church model.

He handles some issues that might be considered touchy with great finesse. Surratt is also not afraid to point out areas in his own church work experience where he has failed at all of the areas mentioned. The book definitely comes across from a humble perspective and doesn't just point out the problems - it also gives great advice on how to grow or change, regardless of where your church might be in the process. My past experience working in a church, as well as my current experience of seeking out a new church all benefit from reading this book, and I believe yours would as well.