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February 18, 2010

Young People Less Tied to Organized Religion

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Thanks to my friend Matt (check out his blog here), I find myself more interested in statistics about religion or church attendance based on generation. The poll date at the link listed above was pretty interesting to say the least. My generation, or the one presumably right after mine, is the least "churched" generation we've ever had. The most interesting part of the poll though is where the author mentions that people still consider themselves Christian. Here's the quote from the article.

Smith said eight in 10 Americans still describe themselves as Christian — "but
there’s an openness.... They’ll borrow meditation practices from Buddhism, for
instance, or belief in the Hindu understanding of reincarnation.

Maybe I'm what you might call a "conservative" but this seems a little like they want to date Jesus but aren't ready to make it an exclusive relationship. In my own dating history, those types of relationships don't seem to last very long.