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March 4, 2010

American Idol

   So due to some kind of medical issue for Crystal Bowersox, she was unable to perform Tuesday on doctor's orders so the guys went Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  It's almost sad that there is no one yet who really jumps out of the group as a natural talent.  There are guys with decent voices, but nothing that is really far and above the others.  We were really hoping that Casey James would pick it up this week, but what a letdown!  The only ones that Sandra and I really enjoyed last night were Big Mike who sang This is a Man's World and then Lee Dewyze who sang Lips of an Angel.

   I'll admit that Lee doesn't have the most amazing vocals and just seems so nervous on stage.  There is just something about what he does that is still good to hear.  His voice is definitely the type that you could hear on the radio right now.  Big Mike just owned his song so well and did great vocally.  He's a fun dude to watch and it's pretty fun to see him standing there all huge holding this little guitar.  Seriously, someone get this guy a wide body guitar to play! 

   So when the girls came on last night, Crystal Bowersox started the show without any explanation about what kind of sickness prevented her performance the night before.  I was super curious, but at the same time, glad she didn't try for any sympathy votes.  She started out the show with a Creedence song Long as I can See the Light and proved she is totally in this to win!  I enjoyed a couple of the other singers (Lilly and Siobhan were both really good) but no one came close to Bowersox in terms of raw talent.  I think she is a super strong candidate to win the whole show. 

   Still not sure what the judges mean when they keep telling Katie Stevens to sing "younger."  The girl is only 17 years old and if she goes any lower than she already did this week, then she will be singing songs off the Mickey Mouse Club.  What about you...who did you like? Who is going home? I'm picking John Park and Tim Urban to hit the road for the guys and for the females, I'm thinking Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown.


Jennifer Hamilton said...

I have to say thus far I have been totally underwhelmed by the American Idol performances. I do like Big Mike and Crystal B. The judges don't seem to like anyone! But most of the performances are average to poor, with lots of mistakes that even a non-professional like me can pick out.