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March 17, 2010

American Idol

   Did anyone else get as bored as I did watching American Idol last night?  How did we end up with a group like this to begin with?  I actually finished the recording on my DVR and asked myself, "Hey, what happened to Katie?"  So I hit hit the rewind and went back only to realize that I had seen her perform, but it was that boring!  I enjoyed Lee and Siobhan, and slightly enjoyed Crystal, but overall, it was a sad thing to see.

   Even the judges were a little strange.  Randy has been coming down on everyone and never seems to enjoy anything, but suddenly everyone is having the week of their careers.  Ellen is kind of the same - she might know performance or whatever, but she doesn't know singing and doesn't have knowledge to really give constructive criticism that will benefit anyone.  Kara is really trying to step up, but seems stuck on the idea of telling a story through the song and you can't tell the story unless you've lived it.  Aaron and Katie don't stand a chance if that's the way they have to pick songs - like I said before, they'll be singing Mickey Mouse Club if Kara has her way.  I think I'm really going to miss Simon on the show because he is usually right on with his critique and is willing to be bold about it. 

   At this point in the show, even though we have a long long way to go, I'm going to predict that it will come down to the three I mentioned above...Lee, Siobhan, and Crystal.  I haven't decided on a definite answer yet, but there's still 11 more weeks to go.  What do you think?